GBKC Support Services

Team Mandate:

Elijah Centre (EC) is a Global Borderless Kingdom Community (GBKC). It is the Creative Core and a Sector of Congress WBN. The primary mandate of GBKC Support Services is managing and executing the AV production cycle for the delivery of the Word from the platform to the Saints across Elijah Centre.  Our leaders trust us to ensure the Word is appropriately packaged and delivered to every sector of the community, in a timely manner.  

Our focus is 'sending out the Word' by enabling access to the saints through the live corporate gatherings and through derivative media products and media distribution channels.

GBKC Support Services partners with and is serviced by all streams of GCT operations, in order to ensure the Creative Core is relevantly supported and accurately serviced throughout every phase of our corporate journey.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Supporting the delivery of the Word to every sector of the community through technology
  • Managing technology deployment for EC Global - the sector
  • Compression of EC Global Community through technology
  • Proliferation of EC Life throughout the GBKC through technology